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Our products are licensed under the GPL (click here to find out more about the GPL). When you purchase paid Products, you will receive access to a Support Service for those Products for a period of one year. You may renew the Support Service for your paid Products on the anniversary of your paid Products’ purchase. 

Support Service

As we pointed out above, when you purchase paid Products, you will receive access to a Support Service developed to support the specific paid Products you have purchased. The Website contains more information about the specific Support Service you receive with each paid Product purchase. The corresponding Support Service is valid for 1 year from the date of your purchase, regardless of which paid Product you purchase, after the period of 1 year support service from the date of your purchase it will automatically come to an our end.

Support Services are only available to you and you may not transfer them to any other person without our express, written consent. We may refuse to give consent for this at our discretion.

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