How to Setup DHL Express Shipping Extension for OpenCart?

How to setup DHL Express shipping module for Opencart?

DHL Express Shipping Module for Opencart is an eCommerce platform module provides you to automate shipping by Displaying DHL Live Shipping Rates, DHL Label Printing, and Tracking & Commercial Invoice. This Module supports for all Countries which accepts DHL Account.

Steps to Installation

Step 1: Download the extension after purchase from My Account page.

Step 2: Install the module, input your DHL Account details, and enable DHL Express Shipping Method for opencart.

Step 3: Go to module configuration page & enter all necessary DHL information’s. Pay Postage, Print Label, and Generate Tracking info from within opencart order page.

Step 4: Add product weight dimensions with your product then only DHL will show Live shipping rates.

How to get DHL Credentials?

For getting Site ID and Site Password, countries other than United States (UK and rest of the world), should contact DHL account manager. The account manager must request integration with HIT TECH Market via DHL pre-sales department. The pre-sale department will then provide the live credentials.

For folks in United States, you need to write to, along

For Australia, you are prompted to contact DHL Express via email to with your account details like account number, address, and so on.

Get API Access from DHL

To get the API access, you need to have Test account and Live account. By using Test account details, get real time rates and generate sample labels. After successful testing, contact DHL to get the live access. The procedure is as given below:

Getting Test Account details: 

1. You need to Register with DHL to get Test Account Number, Test Meter Number, Web service Key and Web Service Password.

2. After Registration, You get Test Account Number, Test Meter Number and Web Service Key in your registered Email. You also get Web Service password in another Email.

 Debug logs(Checkout Page) : This option is only for the developer to check the XML request and response messages at the Front Office.

 Debug logs(Orders Page): This option is only for the developer to check the XML request and response messages at the Back Office.

 Status : If the status Enabled then the extension is in active mode. If Disabled then the extension is not in active mode.

Shipper Address

                   Enter the details like Shipper name, Company name, Phone number, E-mail address.

 Address Line 1 & 2: Enter your shipper address information in the given fields. Remember to specify this address, as this will be used for calculating real-time rates.

 City: Enter shipper city.

 State: Enter shipper state.

 Country Code: Enter shipper country code.

 Postal Code: Enter shipper postal code.

Rates and Services

Select the check box to enable the DHL real time shipping rates.


  1. Enable real-time rates By enabling this option you will get live shipping rates from DHL in the checkout page.
  2. Show Estimated dates By enabling this option you will get Estimated shipping date of delivery of your product at the checkout page.
  3. Residential Delivery – will get parcels delivered to residential addresses.

 Note: Disabling DHL shipping method only disables rates in cart/checkout page. Print label and shipment Tracking Functionality are still available to you.

Rate Type 

             1. List Rate : List rate is nothing but the normal rate i.e common shipping rate for all users.    

             2. Account Rate : This rate is a special shipping rate.This rate is provided by DHL for the specified users.


                 Following are the DHL services supported by our Opencart DHL Module:

  2. B2C (Service Code 2)
  3. B2C (Service Code 3)
  6. EXPRESS EASY (Service Code 7)
  7. EXPRESS EASY (Service Code 8)
  8. EUROPACK (Service Code 9)
  10. MEDICAL EXPRESS (Service Code C)
  11. EXPRESS WORLDWIDE (Service Code D)
  12. EXPRESS 9:00
  15. ECONOMY SELECT (Service Code H)
  18. EXPRESS 9:00
  19. EXPRESS 10:30 (Service Code L)
  20. EXPRESS 10:30 (Service Code M)
  23. EXPRESS WORLDWIDE (Service Code P)
  24. MEDICAL EXPRESS (Service Code Q)
  26. SAME DAY
  27. EXPRESS 12:00 (Service Code T)
  28. EXPRESS WORLDWIDE (Service Code U)
  29. EUROPACK (Service Code V)
  30. ECONOMY SELECT (Service Code W)
  32. EXPRESS 12:00 (Service Code Y)


Choose Weight/Dimension unit: If packing items individually do not suit your business, then you can define the required box sizes under Box Sizes table. All cart items are packed into custom boxes defined in Box Sizes table. A few boxes are populated by default, after the installation of the plugin. The best fit box is automatically chosen from the defined boxes.

                Just like the previous option, you can either choose Pounds, Inches (lbs, in) or Kilograms, Centimeters(kg, cm) for the package unit.


                 In this option, each item in the cart is packed separately and is the default option. The total shipping cost is calculated by adding the shipping cost for each item. The settings are as shown below.

You can either choose Pounds, Inches (LBS, IN) or Kilograms, Centimeters (KG, CM) for the package unit.

Choose your pack type

You can choose the desired package type from the following options 

  • DHL Box: These are the most commonly used boxes for packing. These boxes are populated by default when you install the plugin.
  • Flyer: This option is suitable for Bound documents and Flat materials.
  • Your Pack: With this option, the item will be packed into a customized box, defined in your DHL accounts.

Configure Weight Based

 1. Maximum Weight/Packing : If Weight based packing is chosen then maximum weight of the package should be defined. 

 2. Choose Pack Type: You can choose the desired package type to pack the items accordingly.


                This setting allows you to select your desired label size and format. You can print labels in the following sizes:


  • 8X4_A4_PDF: This option generates labels in an A4-PDF format with a size of 8 x 4 inches.
  • 8X4_thermal: Generates labels with a size of 8 x 4 inches. It is suitable for ZPL2 and EPL2 format.
  • 8X4_A4_TC_PDF: This option generates labels in TCPDF format with a size of 8 x 4 inches.
  • 8X4_CI_PDF: This option generates labels in PDF format with a size of 8 x 4 inches for CI printers (compact printer).
  • 8X4_CI_thermal: Generates labels in PDF format with a size of 8 x 4 inches for CI thermal printers (compact printer).
  • 8X4_RU_A4_PDF: This option generates labels in an RU-A4-PDF format with a size of 8 x 4 inches.
  • 8X4_PDF: Generates labels in PDF format with a size of 8 x 4 inches.
  • 8X4_CustBarCode_PDF: Generates labels in PDF format with custom bar-code information of the size of 8 x 4 inches.
  • 8X4_CustBarCode_thermal: Generates labels in ZPL2 and EPL2 format with custom bar-code information of the size of 8 x 4 inches.
  • 6X4_A4_PDF: Generates labels in an A4-PDF format with a size of 6 x 4 inches.
  • 6X4_thermal: This option generates labels with a size of 6 x 4 inches. It is suitable for ZPL2 and EPL2 format.
  • 6X4_PDF: Generates labels in PDF format with a size of 6 x 4 inches.

 Likewise, you can print labels in the following formats:

  • PDF Output: Prints label in Portable Document Format, which is used to present documents independent of the application, software, hardware, and operating system.
  • ZPL2 Output: Suitable for printing on Zebra branded printers.
  • EPL2 Output: Suitable for printing on media of reduced space. Although it supports bitmaps (and therefore, arbitrary images), its use is usually for labels including bar-code information.


                 Tick the checkbox to enable desired functionality 

  • PaperLess Trade (PLT): When enabled, DHL’s Paperless Trade service will be activated, and a receipt will be generated for the commercial invoice to customers.

          DHL’s Paperless Trade service allows you to electronically transmit commercial and proforma invoices, eliminating the need to print and physically attach them to your shipments. Moreover, it saves your valuable time when preparing your shipments. This free service will help you save paper and printing costs, whilst also making a positive contribution to the environment. Remember, to use this feature, your DHL account must be integrated with PLT service.

  • Saturday Delivery (SD): This is a special service where shipments can be delivered on Saturdays as well.
  • Cash On Delivery (COD): When enabled, shipments are created with cash on delivery options.
  • Shipping content: You can provide a description of the shipping contents. This description will be printed on all the printed documents and is usually required for security checks and customs.

  This setting is also present under DHL Express settings in Opencart edit order page, while generating labels.

  • Company Logo: Allows you to set a custom logo for your shipment and return labels.
  • Duty payment: When transporting goods across international borders, shipments are subject to duties and taxes as determined by customs in the destination country. You can choose to whom the duty tax will be charged.

 Following are the possible options:

  1. None
  2. Shipper
  3. Recipient
  4. Third Party/Other (Some online store or customer may designate or enter into an agreement with a third party, in which the third party agrees to take over some or all of the tax withholding, reporting, payment responsibilities)
  •  Archive air waybill:  A DHL waybill is a shipping document that helps in services like ensuring package safety, customs clearance and works as a proof of consignment to track the shipment.

   Tick this checkbox to send a waybill with every shipment label generated with DHL express. You can choose to print either one or two archive documents. 

  • Tracking: Tick this checkbox to enable shipment tracking facility.
  • DHL Email service: Allows you to append additional message, that will be part of DHL email notification service.
  • Pickup: Enter all DHL Pickup information’s like, name, time everything.

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