How to setup Canada Post shipping module for Opencart?


Canada Post provided service to more than 16 million addresses and delivered nearly 8.4 billion items in 2016 and consolidated revenue from operations reached $7.88 billion.[4] Delivery takes place via traditional “to the door” service and centralized delivery by 25,000 letter carriers, through a 13,000 vehicle fleet.. This tutorial will give you an excellent launch pad to kick start the usage of Opencart Canada Post shipping Module. It will give you all the essential knowledge and step-by-step instructions.

Steps to Installation

Step 1: Download the extension after your purchase from My Account page.

Step 2: Install the module, input your Canada Post Account details, and enable Canada Post Shipping Method for Opencart.

Step 3: Go to module configuration page & enter all necessary Canada Post information’s. Pay Postage, Print Label, and Generate Tracking info from within Opencart order page.

Step 4: Add product weight dimensions to your products to show Live shipping rates.

Get API Access from Canada Post

To get the API access, you need to have Test account and Live account. By using Test account details, get real time rates and generate sample labels. After successful testing, contact Canada Post to get the live access. The procedure is as given below:

Getting Test Account details: 

1. You need to Register with Canada Post to get User Id, Password, Customer Number and Contract ID.

2. After Registration, You get Test User Id, Customer Number and Contract ID in your registered Email. You also get Password in another Email.

 Debug logs(Checkout Page) : This option is only for the developer to check the XML request and response messages at the Front Office.

 Debug logs(Orders Page): This option is only for the developer to check the XML request and response messages at the Back Office.

 Status : If the status Enabled then the extension is in active mode. If Disabled then the extension is not in active mode.

Shipper Address

Enter the details like Shipper name, Company name, Phone number, E-mail address.

Address Line 1 & 2: Enter your shipper address information in the given fields. Remember to specify this address, as this will be used for calculating real-time rates.

City: Enter shipper city.

State: Enter shipper state.

Country code: Enter shipper country code.

Postal Code: Enter shipper postal code.

Rates and Services

Select the check box to enable the Canada Post real time shipping rates.


  1. Enable real-time rates By enabling this option you will get live shipping rates from Canada Post in the checkout page.
  2. Enable Rates with Tax By enabling this option you will get live shipping rates added with the tax amount in the Checkout page.

 Note: Disabling Canada Post shipping method only disables rates in cart/checkout page. Print label and shipment Tracking Functionality are still available to you.


               Following are the Canada Post services supported by our Opencart Canada Post Shipping Module:

  1.  Regular Parcel
  2.  Expedited Parcel
  3.  Xpresspost
  4.  Xpresspost Certified
  5.  Priority
  6.  Library Materials
  7.  Expedited Parcel USA
  8.  Priority Worldwide Envelope USA
  9.  Priority Worldwide pak USA
  10.  Priority Worldwide Parcel USA
  11.  Small Packet USA Air
  12.  Tracked Packet – USA
  13.  Xpresspost USA
  14.  Xpresspost International
  15.  International Parcel Air
  16.  International Parcel Surface
  17.  Priority Worldwide Envelope Int’l
  18.  Priority Worldwide pak Int’l
  19.  Priority Worldwide parcel Int’l
  20.  Small Packet International Air
  21.  Small Packet International Surface
  22.  Tracked Packet – International

Canada Post Shipping Packages

 Choose Weight / Dimension unit: 

                   You can either choose Pounds, Inches (LBS, IN) or Kilograms, Centimeters (KG, CM) for the package unit.

 Choose Packing Item

 1. Pack Items Individually: In this option, each item in the cart is packed separately and is the default option. The total shipping cost is calculated by adding the shipping cost for each item. The settings are as shown below. 

 2. Weight Based: If packing items individually does not suit your business, then you can define the required box sizes under the Box Sizes table. All cart items are packed into custom boxes defined in the Box Sizes table. A few boxes are populated by default, after the installation of the plugin. The best fit box is automatically chosen from the defined boxes.

Configure Pack items Individually

 1. Choose Pack Type: You can choose the desired package type to pack the items accordingly.

Configure Weight Based

 1. Maximum Weight/Packing : If Weight based packing is chosen then maximum weight of the package should be defined. 

 2. Choose Pack Type: You can choose the desired package type to pack the items accordingly.

Shipping Label

 Printing Size : This allows you to select the desired label size and format.

 Output type :  This allows to get the printed label output type in in the following formats:

  • PDF Output: Prints label in Portable Document Format, which is used to present documents independent of the application, software, hardware, and operating system.
  • ZPL2 Output: Suitable for printing on Zebra branded printers.

 Reason for Export: You can give a reason for the products type that you export.

Non Delivery Handling

                    If the Product is not delivered to the customers then the following actions can be performed.

  • RASE (Return At Sender’s Expense): If the package is not delivered then the sender is responsible for the return of the package.
  • RTS (Return To Sender): If the package is unable to deliver to the customer then it should be returned to the sender.
  • ABAN (Abandon): If the product is abandoned then it can’t be delivered to customer.
Customs Description
                You can provide a description of the shipping contents. This description will be printed on all the printed documents and is usually required for security checks and customs.

Configure Pickup

                 You can configure the pickup based on the following types. They are

Business address flag : True indicates that the pickups is at the business address specified in your Canada Post profile. False indicates pickups at an alternate address (Only be paid by credit card).

Contact person Name : To contact name of the person whom the package should pickup.

Contact E-mail : To contact E-mail of the person whom the package should pickup.

Contact Phone Number : To contact number of the person whom the package should pickup.

Five – Ton flag : True identifies that a 5-ton truck is needed for picking the package.

Loading-dock flag : True identifies that there is a loading dock at the location.

Pickup-instructions : Instructions for the driver to use back door or to use side entrance or to bring a trailer.

PWW-flag : Identifies that Priority Worldwide items could be available for pickup.

Priority flag : Identifies that Priority items could be available for pickup.

Return flag : Identifies that returned items could be available for pickup.

Heavy-item flag : Identifies that some of the items to pick up may have a weight greater than 23 kg (50 lbs).

Pickup Open Time : Must be between noon (12:00) and 4 p.m. (16:00).

Pickup Close Time : Must be a minimum of one hour after preferred-time.