How to install the extention in Opencart?

The purchased Hittechmarket plugin is used in the form of the following method. This article gives information on the installation of the extension in Opencart.

If you have purchased in the follow the link on how to view and download the purchased software from Hittechmarket?

Step 1:

⦁ Once you enter the page of the Opencart, you could see a navigation list on the left-hand side.
⦁ Select the Extensions in the navigation bar.
⦁ In the drop-down select the installer option as shown in the following image.



Step 2:

The downloaded documents want to be uploaded in the upload file and then click on the upload option as the image indicates.



Step 3:

⦁ Once again go to the navigation bar.
⦁ Select the extensions.
⦁ In the drop-down list select the modifications option as shown in the following image.



Step 4:

⦁ On the modification manager page, click on the refresh button, the blue squared icon as shown in the image.



⦁ By the way, the plugin is successfully installed in your modification.

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