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Shipping Matrix Rates For PrestaShop​

Shipping Matrix rates for PrestaShop

This module helps you to set up rules in order to calculate the shipping rates for a combination of conditions. If the user’s cart matches the conditions in the rule, the shipping cost you have defined in that rule is applied.

Rules Table

Conditional Shipping.

Create Carriers.


Looking for the easiest and efficient way to show conditional shipping rates in PrestaShop shopping cart? Zipcode, City, Order Total And Weight Based ShippingModule is here for you!.
Heavy or large products may require special shipping. You may want to have a different shipping fee for a particular product. Along with the per product shipping calculation feature, you also get the rule defining the ability of Shipping Pro which helps you to handle the most complex and unique PrestaShop shipping rate calculations.
It gives you more control over your shipping rates. It provides you the maximum flexibility to make your shipping rates work for your business. It enables you to customize or restrict your rates according to any combination of destination(city and postal code),  price, weight, and Method group by defining the rule(criteria).You can still offer multiple shipping options to customers. This module simplifies your administrative work to define, maintain and modify your shipping rates.
Table Rate Shipping: You can define shipping rates based on shipping destination, have multiple rates per zone, and add multiple rules based on product weight, cart subtotal,  price, and so much more.
 Flat Rate Shipping and Free Shipping: Set Flat Rate or Free Shipping based on the combination of rules.

Create Carriers: Create new carriers in own name with the conditional shipping rates.

Automatic Currency Conversion: Your Shipping Currency will automatically converted to the customer currency in checkout page.

Price based shipping rates: Shipping costs varies depending on the number or costs of the product.

Set Pickup from Store option: Handle products that can ship as well as products that must be picked up at the store.


Step1: Create Carriers to Access the Rules.

Step2: Create Rules and Save the Rules.

Step3: Enable/ Disable the Rules.

Step 4: Thats It Everything is ok.

Documentation (Click the Logo to download)

1.2.1 – Bug Fix on Exculde Cites.

1.2.0 – Exclude Cities Option Introduced.

1.1.0 – Remove carrier Option Introduced.

1.0.1 –  Bug Fix

1.0.0 –  Free Shipping Conditions

1.0.0 –  Weight based Shipping rates,

1.0.0 –  Order Total based Shipping rates,

1.0.0 –  City based Shipping rates,

1.0.0 – Zipcode based Shipping rates