DHL Packt Shipping Module For PrestaShop

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Main Features

  • The preparation of shipping documents for national and international shipping.
  • Creation of export documents.
  • Booking or cancellation of a pick-up request for a shipment from any point of origin and delivery to any destination location.
  • Retrieval of labels.
Postage & Label Printing: You can pay postage and generate labels with the click of a button from the order view page inside PrestaShop admin. The box size and package weight will be passed to DHL Paket API for this purpose. After logging in to the WordPress admin area, you can first create a shipment by clicking ‘Create Shipment’ button on the right-hand side of the order details page. Once this button is clicked, you will see the print label button which can be used to print the shipping label for the package.
Manual Label Printing: Provide desired weight and dimensions of the box manually and generate labels.
Box Packing: Based on the weight and size of the items in the order, a packing box is selected from predefined box sizes available for DHL Paket. The following boxes are available by default.

Päckchen XS, Päckchen S, Paket S, Paket M, Paket L, Paket XL, Reisegepäck

Create Manifest: Generate manifest by providing the start and end date.
Return Label: You can enable this feature for generating return labels for your shipments.
Cash on Delivery: Similar to return label, enable shipments to be shipped using the COD feature.
Domestic Shipping: The following domestic services are supported

Delivery on Time, Delivery Early, Express 09:00, Express 10:00, Express 12:00, Delivery Afternoon, Delivery Evening, Express Saturday Delivery

Test/Live Mode: This plugin gives you an option to switch between Test and Live mode.


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1.0.0 – Shipping Label, 1.0.0 –  Export Declaration
1.0.0 – Tracking