DHL Express Tracking Status for PrestaShop

Tracking your DHL shipments directly from your Back-Office, Change Order status to Delivered automatically, and improve customer’s satisfaction by automatically sending update emails to your clients.

This Module is help you to change the Order status to "Delivered" Automatically.


Automated Tracking

Manual Tracking

Order Status Update Automatically (Delivered)


Looking for the easiest and efficient way to integrate DHL Tracking with PrestaShop shopping cart? Tired of copying and pasting tracking Number just to track the status? DHL Express Tracking Status Module is here for you!.
Manual Tracking
You can track your AWB Number each order page. This will help you to save your time and Exact result. 
Automated Tracking
This option is very simple. This will automated the Tracking Status and Email to your customers as a updated status. This option is using cron jobs module for create a automation.
Take advantage of the DHL Express Tracking module:
  1. Get advanced tracking for your shipments, step by step, straight from your Back Office.
  2. Improve your customers’ overall purchasing experience by regularly informing them about their Product    Shipment status and delivery of their package.
  3. Suggest New Products to Customers By Editing Email Template.
  1. monitor the delivery process directly from your Back Office by entering the DHL order tracking number in the Edit order page.
  2. Automatic tracking updates for orders sent to your customers.
  3. Customize Email Templates
  4. CC Email Option and HTML Supported.
  5. Automatically Order Status Will update to Delivered depends on tracking informations.

How to Change Email Template?

You can change email template in following Process:
1) Design Your Template in HTML Code
2) Open and Edit the file. localhost/prestashop/modules/hitdhltracking/email.html 
3) Use recommend Short Codes In templete to replace the values.
4) Save It. Thats all. The Module will work with New Template 

Why & How to Use this?


Step 1: Install and Configure the Module by the above details

Step 2: Please add cron for automatic status updation. If you need more help contact developer.

Step 3: After Updating Tracking Number, Click the Start Track Automation Button.

Step 4: That’s it. Module will Track the Orders Tracking informations automatically and update to your customers. And If it’s Delivered It will change the order status automatically to delivered.


1.2.1 – Sent Email to customer after the Status Change automatically.

1.2.0 – Bug fix on Automated Tracking

1.0.0 – Automated & Manual Tracking

1.0.0 – Initial version Commit